Today was a busy day. We left Suleimani at 7 AM and traveled down to Kirkuk then up to Hawler, capital city of Kurdistan, also known as Erbil, to visit the Ministry of international NGOs.The drive to the capital felt a little stressful because your reminded of all the strife the country is experiencing as you pass through all the check points. Lots of serious looking soldiers with AK-47s asking for your passport, giving you the once over, then pausing before giving it back and waving you through, usually with a smile. After our arrival in Hawler we stopped for breakfast then went on to find the Ministry. Hawler is an incredibly busy and beautiful city, much of it under construction with new buildings, schools and retail space.Once we completed our task at the Ministry, see the previous post, we went and had lunch and then drove the back way through the mountains on our return to Suleimani. What an amazing place! Steep mountains many with sheer rock faces, lakes, rivers and wide open spaces abound. Once the adventure seekers discover whats here the place will become a top destination. Still, CPT will have much to keep busy with. The Kurdish people have been through so much and unfortunately are still experiencing hardships in many areas. Then there are the Syrian refugees who’s plight is on going and their call needs to be answered.
The journey reminds me of how I like to live life. The modern highway with its fast past, heavy traffic and roadblocks leave much to be desired. Life should not be simply the drudgery of moving from point A to point B with only the designations having value.The journey is an integral part of the narrative of our stories as became the roads traveled to and from Sulimani. The modern road expressed what life has become for us today, rushed, crowded, moving at great speed and placing oneself into position of acceptable risk of harm from others. The road home was slower paced, with frequent stops to refresh, becoming close to those who live by the road, traveling villages and climbing over mountains to discover vistas of unparalleled beauty and yes, placing oneself at risk of harm from the environment. I really do love the road less traveled.

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