Water …

Living in the United States, especially in the Midwest where I hail from now, water is not a very pressing issue for most, however here in the Middle-east is very important. Here for the CPT house-office our water enters our lives through a pipe near our front gate and bifurcates left and right. The left goes to the lower holding tank and the right carries water to the two holding tanks on the roof. This is a common configuration through out the Middle-east as many communities only have intermittent running water. This is intentional as the water authorities only turn the water on for an hour or so perhaps every other day for conservation measures.


   An interesting side note about this is, we’ve turned the water-heater off in the residence due to the water on the roof being heated by passive solar radiation and is quite hot for general use, showers and washing dishes and such. This allows the water thats in the hot-water tank to cool down before use as it is transferred from the tanks above.









 This brings me to the issue at hand. The lower tank, which I use to water the garden, was empty the other morning after it had been filled the night before and seems to have sprung a leak. This means we either have to repair the tank and get rid of the old one or buy a new one, which is roughly 150,000 dinars, or +/- one hundred dollars, so we set out to discover where the leak has sprung and possibly repair it. This entailed disconnecting it from the feed pipe and moving it away from courtyard wall, now it sits in the middle of the courtyard with a garden hose stuck in it awaiting the water authorities to turn the water on. 

 … more to come as the saga of the water tank unfolds. 









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