LGBTs, the Church and the Phoenix Convention

I recently read a story headlining the Mennonite World Review about the Pink Menno demonstration. Reading the comment section left me somewhat depressed and angry and in my charged emotional state I wrote the following.

I feel as if I am in the waiting room of a psychologist surrounded by a host of patients engaged in an argument about who shouldn’t be there because they are suffering from major depression, anxiety disorders and the like. The debate being that only those who are well should speak to the therapist. We are ALL sinners in the eyes of God and as Jesus stated, “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7 NRSV. We should be singing praises when ANYONE comes into God’s presence and stop bickering about WHO they are or what ‘lifestyle’ they lead. Many people, LGBT and otherwise, who are outside of the church desire to be a part of it, but judge themselves to be unworthy of entering because of your fighting! They hear your voices and can only imagine how they will be judged too. You’re killing the church at a time when it is most needed for the healing of ALL peoples.

– sandra (today at 3:24 a.m.)

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